Polarity Therapy – The Healing Art of the Future?

For people who have been on their healing or creative journey for years, Polarity Therapy is the healing art of choice. 

The reason is simple: Polarity Therapy Works. The results and benefits of receiving regular polarity therapy sessions is significant because it addresses the basic underlying cause; blocked energy. Until the energy is cleared and aligned, the physical, emotional and psychological symptoms cannot resolve.

This is a bold claim and so far, difficult to substantiate in pure scientific terms. However, the advances in quantum physics and related fields continue to show that theory often precedes proof. In the words of Albert Einstein, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Imagination is the union of knowledge, creativity and problems seeking solutions.

Ultimately it’s the drive to understand and synthesize new ways of doing things in the quest for solutions that drove Doctor Stone to reach beyond his roots in Chiropractic and other medical training to find what was at the core of disease and healing. By going outside the western tradition of medicine, he was able to find theories and possibilities for wellness and healing that explained many of the challenges he had identified.

The debate over the existence of energy and how it affects health will probably never be fully resolved. However, when people get sessions and have positive outcomes, that is what matters the most. And even though there may be skeptics who say energy can’t be measured, it’s important to remember that DNA existed long before we had the ability to measure or verify its existence.

What is Polarity Therapy?

Similar to massage or physical therapy, polarity therapy addresses the value of relaxation and physical re-education of the body to support better bio-mechanics and remove obstacles to a healthy immune system.

Additionally, polarity therapy also embraces a science of energy system alignment through the combined studies of energy bodywork, energetic nutrition, exercises and thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. Polarity therapy addresses the connections of body, mind, emotions and spirit through a multi-disciplined practice with the client and practitioner.

When all aspects of the physical/energy body are synchronized and supported, the ability to reach higher levels of clarity, wellness and performance are the natural outcome.

Would I be a good Polarity Therapist?

Are you sensitive? Do you feel like you live in a world of untapped potential? Are you creative? Do you like to help people to grow and transform? If you answered yes to these questions then  you could be an excellent polarity therapist.

Polarity therapy is the study and application of the sublime energy systems. By learning the theory and techniques of working with these energies you will transform your life as well as the lives of the people you work with.

Is it hard to learn Polarity Therapy?

If taught correctly learning Polarity Therapy is more like remembering something that you have always known rather than learning something foreign. The reason is because Polarity Therapy is based on everything you should already be if you were in your perfection so it is a completely
natural experience. However, this is only the case if it is taught correctly.

If the curriculum is designed correctly and the teaching staff is experienced in both Polarity and teaching, learning Polarity Therapy can be one of the most important experiences of your life. Your knowledge of your body, energy system and relationship to your world should be deeply
transformative. You owe it to yourself to go to the best Polarity Therapy school you can find. You will never regret it.

How do I get Started?

  1. Visit a school and learn more about Polarity Therapy.

  2. Get a polarity session in the student clinic to experience the work that students are learning.

  3. Check out more than one school and get more than one session in the clinic.

This gives you a chance to see the quality of the school and the approach used in teaching polarity. The biggest question is, do they understand what Polarity Therapy is all about?

The school should be able to answer your questions about licensing and how to become a Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP). A good school has a clear curriculum and schedule that meets the standards of the American Polarity Therapy Association. The school should also have a clear code of ethics that teaches the effective use of boundaries in Polarity Therapy.

For more information on this program and to find out how to apply for financial aid, go to
Spa Tech Polarity Information.


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