Reiki and Polarity Therapy

The question is often asked, “Is Polarity Therapy like Reiki?”polarity-therapy-schools

Great question with many answers. Although the following will give you the technical answers, the only way to fully appreciate the difference is to get a session with a good practitioner. I like the chocolate analogy: I can tell you all about the ingredients, how it’s made and how it will taste but until you actually taste it for yourself, you will never understand how chocolate really taste. Right?

Both Reiki and Polarity are in the realm of an energy based healing modality and both are done with the client fully clothed. This makes both Polarity Therapy and Reiki perfect entry level therapies for people who are new to receiving healing work or have restrictions or body images that may make massage or other forms of bodywork less appealing. It’s also a great skill set for environments like work, school or other settings where a full session is impractical but some specific techniques can help someone to feel better.

Polarity therapy and reiki are also very effective and they can be incorporated along with many other healing modalities as well. The power of using these healing practices along with massage, physical therapy, psychotherapy, hospice, teaching, managing.parenting and many other approaches to helping people reach their highest potential or heal from trauma is very exciting to see.

However, beyond these similarities, Polarity Therapy is a much more extensive use and definition of energy that includes not only the bodywork, which is much more specific and includes more detail and hands on application, but also energetic nutrition, exercises and thought patterns that teach clients how to maintain their energy between sessions.

How is Polarity Therapy Learned?

Polarity Therapy can be taught in many ways and different schools focus on particular aspects more than others. Some schools may focus more on energetic nutrition or exercises while others may be more focused on the bodywork or the energetic thought patterns. And some schools have a much more in depth understanding of working directly with the energy system through both the bodywork and conscious application of energy focused techniques such as RYSE.

Since Polarity Therapy is the convergence of concepts from Chiropractic, Ayurveda, Craniosacral, Shabda Yoga and Naturopathy, just to name a few, the energy model and techniques are very grounded in both western and eastern sciences.  There is a much higher degree of specific techniques to address specific blockages or traumas rather than a more generalized approach to calling in energy and letting it do it’s work. That’s why training for Polarity Therapy takes over 700 hours and really requires years of practice to fully understand rather than only several weekends of training for Reiki.

However, Reiki training creates a foundation for working with energy that Polarity can build on. And the best part is that even within the first 24 hours of learning Polarity you will begin to see results. What you learn can be used almost instantly and you will begin to see exciting benefits which make the journey of learning polarity therapy very gratifying.

Polarity Therapist Career?

One of the truly amazing things about Polarity Therapy is how every session takes you to a new level. It’s as if our trauma or blocks are layered on from years of accumulation and every session peals away another layer, revealing important information and releasing additional energy that allows you to access higher levels of clarity, strength and vitality. Being able to do this for clients is incredibly gratifying on many levels. 

And as with all healing work, as the practitioner you receive the benefits of the work not just during a session that you get once a month or once a week, but however many sessions you do in a week. The multiplied power of being in the energy for 5, 10 or 20 hours a week will take you to levels of clarity and healing that you could never imagine (provided you are taking care of yourself and doing the RYSE energy clearing work to keep yourself clear, aligned and balanced as you do the work).

So whether you are looking for personal healing or want to take your professional skills to the highest levels, Reiki is a good starting point and Polarity Therapy will provide the path to the future that you desire. You will understand perfectly once you get your first professional session from a high quality practitioner. 


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