Certification is now available through the Certification Governing Board (CGB) of the APTA (American Polarity Therapy Association). The credential is listed as BCPP (Board Certified Polarity Practitioner) and requires renewal on a bi-annual basis.

Certification is a very regulated process that opens many doors for therapists. Self insured companies and in the future, insurance companies, look to the certification as a prerequisite to recognizing practitioners for reimbursement.

Currently there is a complicated political situation within the APTA that is obstructing the future viability of the exam. The APTA Board is also restricting information flowing to the members about the politics that are preventing the exam from moving forward.

How to Stay Informed

As a result of APTA not allowing discussion of the issues on LinkedIn or other public forums and not communicating with the membership about the state of the exam, you will want to belong to the following Group on LinkedIn.

There is also a sister group on Facebook if you are not a member of LinkedIn:

You may also sign up for the email list so you can stay informed of what’s happening.



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